[BUG] Oak tree character sheet

Title: Oak Tree Character Sheet

Summary: Clicking on an Oak Tree popped up its own character sheet.


Steps to reproduce:
Uncertain, but seemed to involve opening a worker’s character sheet, then clicking on a Medium Oak tree and then pressing 1 on the keyboard. Running in fullscreen. Was unable to reproduce.

Expected Results: Trees don’t need their own view-able character sheets… right? Clicking on terrain objects should not produce non-object information windows.

Actual Results: A character sheet with the Medium Oak Tree’s name and description appeared after clicking on a Medium Oak Tree. All other information was blank.

Versions and Mods: Alpha 1 release 23. No mods.

System Information: Windows Vista Home Premium sp2 x64; Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPU at 2.4GHz, 8GB DDR2 RAM, Radeon HD4800


Dat screenshot doe.

That’s honestly one of the funniest bugs I may have ever seen. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

  1. Click on the villager
  2. Click on an item
  3. Press 1

Steps 2 and 3 must be done VERY quickly.

Additional screenshots:

I kind of want to see a tree dressed up as a priest now, thanks.


Shame I have to say this because it is a rather awesome bug, however, could you post it over here, thanks

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Personality wise, i’d think the tree would be rather “wooden” :wink:

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he’s here all week folks… don’t forget to tip your waiters…

i’m allowed to recycle this, right? who am i kidding, of course i can!

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Personally i’ve always found Mr oak to be rather hollow

Edit: i’m totally out of fresh material for tree jokes, guess i won’t be here all week…

I think you mean you see a triest? Or would it be treest?