Bug : Farmers will continue to till empty field

I had switched my turnip field to fallow, after generating a massive amount of turnips, about 100 bushels if real life i think, and checked on the progress of my palisade wall, after a few seconds, i got a massive wall of errors, about 800, looking around, i noticed my farmers tilling what was the old turnip patch, but since it was now a fallow field, it was a nil item, causing the errors i believe

Steps to reproduce:

  1. select field with crops
  2. switch to fallow
  3. wait till farmers harvest, then try and replant
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Expected Results:
I expected the farmers to ignore the field till needed

Actual Results:
they farmed dirt

It took a bit to find this bug, but i believe this might be the source of a few farming bugs

no attaches, cause i forgot screenies

Versions and Mods:
latest version, no mods (but i turned my goblins health to 10)

edit: do the farmers check to make sure they can plant a crop on said field before tending? or after?