Brewing how complicated?

How complicated will the brewing be in stonehearth because i know in reality its quite a complicated process (I’ve now forgot) and it makes a big difference on the wood you use for your barrels how it is made and how old it is but will that be a feature of brewing or will it be like farming so you can spend lots of time into and make better cops or just not care that much

I don’t think we’ve heard anything really in regards to brewing so anything here would simply be conjecture.

It would be cool if it was similar to farming in that the more time you dedicate to it the greater purpose it serves … however there is the risk that by having so many systems with this style of “time=reward” becomes a bit excessive … maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe having to focus on certain systems is better for the game, or perhaps it will become too much and take away from gameplay …

Yeah I like that idea as well but then how will it actually work. when i get my hands on the game ill try and mod it into the brewmatser ect.) afferent kinds of drinks the interface etc.)

as someone who doesn’t drink, I can’t really weigh in on either side … but as someone who enjoys watching drunk people, I would be in favor of probably any situation here… :smile:

It would be pretty funny if some of the settlers got drunk and one fell into the fire pit, creating a whole new Girl on Fire scenario.