Books are important

You know books are important… You learn stuff… If you have played Skyrim do you remember that some books actully leveld you up(but only ones)? think thats a great idea that have to be in the game. Maybye you could build a library that increase happines and level up settelers after reading(takes some time though).
Maybye some people took their time to read, some thinks its hard and some thinks its easy, the possebilitis are endless! Maybye some books describes a dungeon, a spell or a monster. With all these features i think we need a new class to make them work.

The librarian can read books of ancient language, write down everything that happens(later) and teach children how to read(if it actully becomes a thing).

But about the special books… Here are some(as allways) suggestions:

  • The Mobopedia: Whenever you encounter a mob the librarian will write about it in this book, but you need to encounter it more times or find a page about it to get all the information(attack health etc). Pictures: Yes

  • The Tipsopedia: Contains tips and tricks.

  • Toolopedia: Contains tool information(you need to have it first). Pictures: Yes

  • Classopedia: Contains information about classes and skill-trees. Pictures: Yes

  • The green emerald: A story.

  • The titans of Stonehearth: Contains information about Titans(story written) and will tell you have to find them. Pictures: Yes

  • Jokes and sheep: Contains funny stories.

  • Swordarm a guide for young lads and lasses: Levels up low level soldiers. Pictures: Yes

_~\€<<<€: Contains weird letters that dosent make any sense. If only someone could read this book…

  • Architecture: Contains information about buildings. Pictures: Yes

  • The man of steel: A story. Pictures: Yes

Now with all these books there should be a way to craft them. The opedias can be crafted by the librarian, the rest you have to find and then you can craft them.

Please leave suggestions about books in the comments.


That is acctualy a epic idea!

Just think about it. If the librarian adn the higest ranking military guy work together they make a book about fighting and thus, if a lower level fighter read the book they will get a skill bost. This bonus should not be stackeble with the same book tho.

This could be a way of creating academies of diferent schools like war, farming and so on.

This thread may be of interest to you: Chronicler/Typographer Thread


Thx @Spu, actually I like the idea and could imagine to support “writing” and sharing your own books in addition to a chronicle in this planned mod. I am putting quite some hope into the save & load feature which should come with the next patch… unfortunately the chronicle mod will depend on this feature.

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