Boars running in slowmo (kind of a bug report)

Summary: The new boar pet’s walking/running animation seems quite slow – the body moves in a dramatic fashion (muscles completely extended) which doesn’t match up with its movement speed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Buy an adorable pet boar from the pet merchant (or I guess item stamp one in)
  2. Watch it move
  3. Chuckle at its urgency to leap the 20cm to its destination?

Expected Results:
boars casually stroll around unless/until dinner is called
Actual Results:
boars have perfected action-movie-style slow-mo running and constantly show it off
all other animals are moving normally, so this seems to be related specifically to the boar’s movement animations

paging @Allie @malley to take a look.

paging @max99x - he’s the one who converted them to pets. just taking a quick look, i don’t seem to be able to override the speed of the "mixins": "stonehearth:mixins:pet", while inside the pets:boar json.

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Is this the one that has his ears floating off to the side? I thought that was a mammoth.