Better Options for Low-Level Masons

I’ve noticed that apprentice/low level Masons don’t really have any recipes that I use frequently; chests are about the most useful objects they can build before leveling up. Otherwise, I feel like I have to build a bunch of bird baths before they can craft anything useful, whereas most of the other crafters I can level up using simple items I actually need.


finery mod gives you some stone edgers to go on your paths

I agree tho, we need more stone items, like beds, cookware, weapons, statues, tools etc


Agree, in its current form, masons, especially low-level ones, are essentially dedicated miners/builders who rarely craft a couple of decorations. While more decorations might be interesting, a different approach to making masons more useful is to change stone to stone blocks (made by a mason) as building material (or add a new nice looking stone colors buildable with stone blocks). This would also make creating stone buildings a more challenging and rewarding process, making stone houses more valuable than wooden houses.


Stone blocks used to be part of the game but had no use. The model is probably still in there. You could theoretically mod them in to be similar to the clay bricks.

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if my stone chunks/tree chunks suggestions got added to the game, crafting would be much more interesting

Fences are what I use to level up my masons – I always want hundreds of the things later, so I get started ASAP.

An alternative is to use the stone piles, since they don’t actually use up the stone permanently. Unfortunately it’s a lot more action-intensive since you have to manually place the piles, harvest them, have the stone be collected up again (it’s much faster in the long run to let your workers haul it all into crates next to the crafting stations than have your mason do all that running around themself), wait for some piles to be crafted and then repeat the whole process; but once you have at least 18 stone it does mean theoretically free (if very slow) levelling for your masons. The same works for carpenters of course, but since there’s so much you’ll want to build out of wood it’s rarely worth bothering with. It can be a useful trick in Rayya’s games though, since it allows you to save some wood rather than spending it on low-level furniture for the sake of levelling your carpenter.


Myself, I don’t really mind this too much.
Just like you, I tend to tell my Mason to craft Bird Baths until I can make the Stone Chests.

Stone Chests are basically my main inventory-item in all my settlements.
While making my way there, I craft the Bird Baths and sell them all in order to gain gold that I can later use to buy items I want/need.

Wow, this is true - I’ve never even thought about this!! :mind_blown:

I used to do this until I got tired of having to buy stone from the traders. if you go with leather chests then you can start much farther away from mountains than you would otherwise

I’ve played a lot of my towns on islands or similar, far away from the mountains - never really found a need to buy much stone tbh. I guess it all comes down to playstyles :slight_smile: