Better Crates ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Yup, they’re not even in the game and I want better ones /shot

So, as we’re all at the edge of our seats waiting for Alpha 11 to come and the glory that is crates to follow, I began to think, “How do we make something this good better?” Now, please do note that I have yet to fully watch the latest stream, which I hope will speak about adding in chests o’ gold and shizz and possibly giving dresses storage space for, idk, clothes or secret food stashes.

Anyways, I do believe that the carpenter shouldn’t be the only one who can craft storage items/equipment (more on that later). I can see two crafting classes who are each equally capable of creating storage: the Blacksmith and Weaver.

Let’s focus on the blacksmith first, since he’s the easiest. The Blacksmith can simply make reinforced versions of the carpenter’s current big and small crates. These reinforced crates would be difficult to destroy/steal form by greedy little goblins and they could possibly hold more items as a bonus to having to use more expensive materials to make them.

The Weaver, on the other hand, is a bit different. Much like how the Trapper gets 8+ slots in his bag when he levels up, I believe that the Weaver should be allowed to make backpacks for non-trappers that would also increase their slots by perhaps 5 or 6.

I dunno, what do you guys think? And no spoilers about the stream, I’m gonna watch it now so if anything I mentioned here is addressed there, let me figure it out myself.

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i think the weaver is already planned to make backpacks and the way i’d imagine it’d work is you’d still need basic crates for the blacksmith to then reinforce with steel or whatever.


About crates and chest. Will we also be able to take the goblin loot chest when we take them out?

you are correct, i believe it was talked about in the desktop tuesday,

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