Beta r862 is here and it's Titanic

It was never created at all but it worked today same for my friend it worked for him to today :slight_smile:

@TheRedBaron91 i have no idea but only in Min settings the “Disable Deferred Renderer” is checked

It’ll have a slightly clearer label in the next release, but the current tooltip gives some context. Ticking this box enables a fallback mode to be used for graphics cards that don’t support the minimum requirements for our regular renderer.

You can search the internet for “Forward vs. Deferred Rendering” for more background on this tech.

Question: will there be intermediary stable Beta releases (Beta 1 etc.), or is it just unstable until the Full Release of the game?

Potters Markerstalls seems to work for me but not the standard from carpenter for some reason. Only tried with 1 town tho. Anyone else having market stalls problems with carpenters market stalls?

When I was looking at this a couple releases ago, I noticed that the carpenter’s market stalls were using the old market stall action of calling an NPC, and then while the NPC was around another action would be available to open up a trade with them, but it would just be a basic trader with a few wood/clay/stone for sale and limited coin.

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Clay and wood stalls are identical, except for the model. Stalls may use the old behavior in these situations:

  • In old saves before the behavior change.
  • If created before afternoon on the first day (when the trader campaign starts).
  • When using a mod that overrides the trader campaign and does not implement support for the new behavior.

I’m guessing it must be a mod for me then because i made that town with the latest release.