Beta active? or do i wait

if i preorder the $30 do i have to wait until dec 2013 or do i get to start playing the beta now?

@Deathscythe you get the beta when it comes out in december

aww i really wanted to test out the game QQ i guess i can wait it out

There is very little of a game to test at this time and any build that the devs would release is useless for beta testing, as the game is still being designed while they make it.

The overall design has been decided, but they are tweaking the details with input from the community (as demonstrated with the recent workshop debate)

Two other answers to questions you might have now:

  • There will be no alpha.
  • If you preorder at the 15$ level you get the game at end 2014 when the first release is ready

But I really can recommend to preorder the beta, because this community is awesome, which in combination with witnessing an awesome game like this being created is awesome², just don’t mention elephants! :elephant:


In my opinion to play the game now in the current condition it will make not really fun for everyone.
I’ve already often experienced with Alpha games and many people complained about the condition of the game even though they knew that they playing an Alpha. So it is better to give the community the game when the biggest bugs and problems solved so everyone have fun while play :wink:


@PDanford I shall mention both Elephants and Cows because I have the right of free speech

Oh I beg to differ.

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Well, nothing to see here, carry on.

i think this nicely sums up the thread… and with that!

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