Bed - Display Current Owner

When a bed is selected, it would be helpful to see if the bed is already assigned and to whom. Maybe put the Hearthlings name under the flavor text about flying sheep?



You can see that by clicking the assign button, it will show the current owner at the top of the list, though, i do agree having a quicker view would be better

I doubt it’d be too much to have it in the description when the bed is selected though, right?


Quicker view would indeed be better & much more convenient, especially when it comes to reassignment of beds (eg. For when you improve from cruel bed to comfy bed and need to reassign the intended owner to the new bed). It can be a royal pain to do this. I’ve seen other people mention this same suggestion though in different manners of implementation, but regardless it’s still a good thought, I’m fairly sure they’ll add it in as a feature sooner or later, I can’t see why not.



I agree with the idea. Especially at the start where you just have a cluster of beds outside of houses. Changing the “I dreamed… of flying sheep” to “X’s bed” would be much more helpful than having to click through menus to determine what bed they own. It would also instantly be a clear indication if a bed has an owner or not.

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