Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization


I was trying to find a way of how to get rid of the popup since it’s a little too jarring. There’s nothing else in this menu that is so right in your face when you click it. I initially thought that there would be no descriptions of the traits when you click the plus and it’s just going to be a selection of icons, which would all fit into one table. I’m not sure though… A hover over description could be a save for the icon box.


Though for multiplayer use case, I can see putting limits being useful. So I may limit a multiplayer usage where the host defines the limits and the client players have to follow those rules.

This way I don’t personally define the rules myself. They can either stick with the redistribute stats rules by default which is based on rolled total stats per character or define a max stat constant. Then for traits, they can have X max number of traits. Host will define this on start up and as new players join, it will force clients to follow the host’s rules.

I think I will enjoy that. This way my SO doesn’t cheat with an ultimate hearthling which I know she will do.

Thanks! great idea. I will implement it.


I agree the popup is throwing off from the standard Stonehearth UI. I’m more inclined to re-build the ember templates if we want to improve it significantly.

Ah no description is an idea. My initial preview image shows all the icons rendered. It would definitely fit in that small section. I have an idea based on your idea. I can’t draw it up right now but I’ll do it next week.

Top left corner will be [+]. It then hides the current traits view and on top of it displays what appears in the dialog box with small description font. Then you can do hover over highlight and click to Add. I like having the description because who wants to hover over to get descriptions especially when you start adding more traits from other mods.

No dialog, it be like in a SPA where the view switches to another route. I think this might work.
Delete buttons will be like what you describe top right of each trait.


Anyone know if you can ever get three traits on a single hearthing?

Since my current traits add and remove is basically an unrestricted version, I will probably add in default mode where it limits to two traits and takes into account traits that conflict with other traits before doing multiplayer settings.


2 is the max by default :wink:


v1.0.1 - released
bug fixing + added trait restriction to max of 2
modified to handle traits that don’t have full data for passion job

add trait unlock from checkbox