Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization


let me just go AAAAAH YEEEEEEES you absolute wizard you :smiley:


Well I didn’t do the code for that myself. My friend did. I think we have a little bit messing with the left side, we “had” made the starting amount of citizens to 8 when the default used to be 7. Now that the default is 5 they spaced them out a bit, our mod still keeps them tight since I just barely reduced the amount back to 5. Again, I also don’t trust myself messing with those files since I don’t know what I’m doing there.

My Mod:



It be fine as well. I just uploaded a new version a few hours ago. Can you see if it will work with your mod? I used some raw JS so no more overriding. I believe it should appear good. I haven’t had a chance to test and won’t get one tonight.

You might be able to use my mod as an example to do something similar. It requires you to know how to add in html elements using jQuery or the native JS api.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone else will create a new roster so the you way did it will probably be fine.

It is a bit hard to add new things to the screen since the Radiant Team takes advantage of the empty space to make things easier to understand at a glance. I am not entirely sure how I want to tackle the UI for the traits just yet.


I haven’t looked, but whatever you did worked! Your stats with my character customizations.


v1.0.0 released. enjoy? let me know if there are issues

you can now add/remove traits and increment stats with no restriction



*does this also work with mod added traits like @kaimonkey’s traits mod?



that is one mad skilled goblin


Bolune, did you figure out the traits UI? I might have an idea.


i think he did, check out the first post’s images :’)
(this is so impressive AAAAH)


Well . I created something that kind of works. I plan to add check boxes for the add traits dialog. I also plan to see if I can restructure the stats section to fit better or change the remaining points indicator.

But I am always open to new ideas. What are you thinking?

This version release is just core features. The rest should be just UI updates to make it more user friendly. So anyway UI feedback would be appreciated. The UI is definitely not polished at all.


@Bolune can you make a direct download smod file?


Any chances of maybe having a limited/priced version? For example, a trait costs X, each stat point costs Y, each hearthling has Z amount to “spend”


yes I can.


And then if you donate to his Patreon, you get Bolune Bucks that you can spend on extra stats and traits!


I can code it. I don’t want to design the UI though… unless I’m replacing the whole UI. This patching with jquery can get annoying. I already don’t like some portions of the UI which I plan to fix next week.

If someone wants to collab and draft up a UI, I can implement it. I have done enough UI work professionally that I don’t like doing it in my free time.

Something else to consider… at what point does this game stop becoming casual though? Right now the current screen is becoming less casual than the stock screen. The more things we add to it the more complex it becomes and the less casual it will appear. We don’t need a whole D&D character sheet even though it would be cool. Anyway, not saying your comment implies we need a D&D character sheet.

How many people would want a “limited/priced” version of character creation? Based on the responses, I’ll consider doing it. I’ll probably make another mod for that use case and replace the entire UI.

Haha. Just got to do some obfuscation to limit the average user from modifying the code. Add in some secure authentication using OAuth. I think that sounds like a great idea for a limited version.


To be honest, this sort of rule can easily be given to oneself :smiley:

I’m mostly thinking of multiplayer. I’d totally respect any rules we set up - but I’m sure my brother wouldn’t :joy:


Honestly it would feel more fair then ADD ALL THE THINGS but sometimes you want to add all the thing. So is it worth it if you have other things to do? No. If you are stuck for ideas, then it’d be a great idea.


So, I’ve made this (note: low guality) mockup of what came up in my mind thinking about the UI. Just a simple plus under the selected traits and then a scroll menu where the option you’re hovering over gets a bit lighter background. A lock for the selected trait might be neat. And there can either be a trash can in the corner or it can be hidden and only appear after you click the trait you want to get rid of as a top option in the scroll menu.

Or a different plus, like the blue lock above it.


Thanks for giving your input!

My thoughts on the UI is that once you load up with more than 4 traits, you have to scroll within a scroll which is fairly annoying to use. This is why I created the dialog popup for adding traits. What do you think?

I like the trash on the top right. I was thinking of that but the Add Trait button was blocking the first record the whole time. So I couldn’t. The hover to highlight is a useful idea.