Basic settings for worker behavior

So I was thinking, and it may not even work well with the way the game handles worker instructions, it would be beneficial to have a basic setting to specify the number of workers per project (i.e .building, harvesting) and once the workers decide on the task they’re doing to lock them in it so if they go to sleep, eat, or get attacked they go back to it uninterrupted. I’d also rather see the professions just stick to their job only and not try to help out.

For example: set a maximum of 4 workers to build, 2 to harvest/gather. The carpenter/trapper/farmer/etc. would be idle while the rest do their work and they have nothing in their queue.


In A simplified version:
YES and kinda like Banished

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The underlying problem is that the priority system isn’t as flexible and effective as it could be. They have been working on developing a Task Manager dialog and system on the side, but it probably won’t be ready for a few alphas. When complete, you should be able to set it up exactly like you suggest or in some completely different way as you like.

Which is not to say that your suggestions are useless. On the contrary, they create an idea of all the different things the Task Manager it should be able to handle.


Agree. Task management / prioritization would be great.