Basic Qubicle Modding Tutorial

Here’s a video @SluffTurtle and I made for some people who want to get into some basic Alpha Qubicle modding

Criticism and all that is always welcome of course… Will we take it? Maybe. We’re just having to much tearing apart the alpha test to not share our adventures :wink: we’ve got a lot more things lined up when we have the time to film them too


Nice job, eagerness to educate the masses is admirable. Getting stocked for the Princess mod :wink:
By the way, skimming through the code i saw there is a listener or what ever they where call waiting for the flag to be place the i triggers an event call founding character if i remember correctly, so i was thinking that is the best way to include the wolf and mammoth and possibly goblin that lurk in the entities folder. but dont know where the founding char is. so you might look into that since you might know more then me :smiley: just a suggestion

sorry for the bad joke but i heart this video (sorry)

this was based of the pre-alpha sorry somethings might have changed gonna look into it so meanwhile ignore it

How awesome


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