Bars or Taverns in the game?

I was wondering if there would be any taverns in the game seeing as they grow food to eat.

there will be definitly a tavern in the game ^^ if you look on the techtree you see an brewmaster;) and for what will they need them when there are no bars or taverns xD

They haven’t announced many types of buildings yet. I would imagine you could set up something decorated like an inn petty easily. At the very least you will probably see eating areas in barracks or houses in vanilla I would think.

Ah yea I agree with Wiese thats pretty likely with a brewmaster. Unless they only have a brewery?

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the idea has been mentioned off-hand elsewhere… i think we’re all hoping for them, but regardless, some folks are already modeling with the assumption we’ll see them… :wink:

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They have announced there won’t be any sort of “building types” in the game at all. There may be something like a forge that can be installed in a building to help make metal and other devices, but it won’t be a specific “type” of building for any particular activity.

There could certainly be furniture that would typically be found in a pub, like a beer tap, and possibly different devices like beer barrels and even a fermentation tank for making beer.

On the other hand… what kind of impact upon gameplay should alcohol consumption have upon members of the town? I could think of several negative aspects like lack of judgement (aka a randomizing factor on movement or even reducing combat skills), but building relationships in a pub might be something more beneficial… aka increasing loyalty between each other. Historically beer was also used as a way to obtain liquid refreshment when the water wasn’t quite so clean and otherwise couldn’t be trusted.


Dwarves shouldn’t be impacted at all… But they said that the building designations depend on who/what is in them, ie Soldiers for a barracks, craftsman for a crafting thing, etc

I am fairly sure theres building types. You can see houses farms and storehouses.

Barracks, walls, guild hall maybe?, more houses.

The inside and outside of a barracks

Look more carefully at those buildings. There isn’t a specific “armory” nor is there a “house”. It is simply a bunch of buildings that happen to have certain furnishings.

What you won’t see is a menu for you to build an “armory” or a “bakery”. That simply won’t happen. The function of those buildings is entirely dependent upon what you assert they do by the kinds of people found in those buildings and what are in them… like a forge. You can have a “forge” in a bakery or the “king” sleeping in the common barracks.

I’m not saying that buildings would be unidentifiable… on the contrary. If you design a building floorplan, it will be something that more or less fits the function of what you want to have it do. But you aren’t restricted to just making a certain kind of building like some Facebook games.

It would be more like building types in Minecraft: You will see forges and anvils in some places that could be called a “workshop”, but it could be one of many different kinds of designs that would be as unique as the people playing.

They just put things in and around the buildings to give it the appearance of looking like it’s designated for that. It must be effective if you see it that way. But they just changed the building’s appearances. Look for the UI update vid from the devs and you’ll see what I mean by changing the look of the buildings. It’s a few months old but still a good example.

Please note that the buildings are not officially designated, but they use visual cues to set them off as certain things.