Balance the Enemy Forces

Balance Hardmode
Would love to see a balance for the enemy forces.
At least to me it’s very strange that a Knight of the Enemy Forces for example can handle 8 soldiers without a healer for a long time.

Damage Dealers are Tanks
Some other things that’s strange is Kobolds Archers. They deal a ton of damage but have the health / defense of a Knight which to me feels very strange and wrong. To me heavy damage dealers should be kind of glass cannons that hits really hard but once you can reach them they are fairly easy to take out.

Buff Healers
Perhaps it would be better to nerf the health of their Knights and Damage dealers and instead buff their healers healing abilities so that they become a huge prio to take out to be able to take out the rest.

I know this is in fairly early stages of the final combat we will experience but i thought i share my opinion and i would love to hear what everyone else have for ideas.


Indeed, the “tanks” are easier to kill than the high rank kobold archers.

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perhaps the higher ranked archers should for example instead have Spiky Quivers to slow player down or perhaps have higher speed of shooting or higher damage :slight_smile: many ways to tweak them.

Perhaps give them some sort of Dodge instead of having so much health