Bad character combination in json files

When you use quote characters in strings (in the en.json file for example), please use


instead of


It messes up the translation program otherwise… :slight_smile:

See this discussion for more info:

Wouldn’t be easier to not get and set the values based on quotes? Just use a json library. Or if you want to extract the values manually just get the whole string after the first :
This way there will be no problem.
I also noticed that you are replacing / with &frasl; which will mess with html tags like </i>

From what I understand, the program use a json library already. I didn’t use that in the beginning, but it was updated by Radiant to use some “JsonReaderWriterFactory”.

True, that might be a problem. But I think I had this discussion some years ago and they said the formatting should be outside of string content… I don’t even remember if that was before or after the program got updated to use a json library for reading files. I wrote it 4 years ago and last update was almost 2 years ago. I don’t remember everything… :wink:

A lot of the strings are interpreted as plain text, not as HTML, so HTML escapes like that won’t work. The translation program should be updated to support \" escapes.

What a bummer since that doesn’t seem to work with the library Yang implemented, and you’ve used the HTML variant up until the latest update.

So, going through the history, it turns out we had this problem a few years ago after Yang updated the program. I just didn’t remember it. Yang’s suggestion back then was:

Annoying that I didn’t remember the discussion when this popped up, but this was 2½ years ago…

After a lot of work to fix the program I thought I had, but apparently (at least) one bug is left. The forward slash (or solidus…?) ends up escaped in my output (using XDocument). I can make a dirty workaround and scan the entire file after saving, but I wonder if this really is a problem ingame.

According to @sdee, html formatting should not be in the file, but this is old stuff and might have changed? See this post:

This leaves just the text/things/normal usage and http links as \/ in the file. Would this be a problem?