Autosaves deleted after Program Closes/Crashes

As the title suggests any autosaves created via the autosave feature disappear after Stonehearth closes or crashes.

I know they are created since I can open up the save/load menu and load from them while still in game.

I’ve checked the save and autosave folders but cannot find the missing autosaves.

Check your anti-virus, it may deletes your auto saves, even though it seems weird.

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My antivirus showed nothing in its activity history. I checked the quarantined/deleted files and nothing matched.

@jomaxro any idea about that ?

@Albert, is this even possible? :confused:

well i know i’ve seen this problem reported before, but no one has ever found out why the auto-saves got deleted :confused:

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Ok, we got another report confirming this.

We don’t know how this could happen, but strange bugs do occur… A crash.dmp file of when this occurs might help.


I hate to bump a 5 month old topic, but I just had this exact issue, losing possibly as much as 50 days worth of progress. I have recently added Stonehearth as an exception on my Anti Virus so i doubt that is the issue. here is my crash dumpcrash.dmp (300.9 KB). Hopefully it will shed some light on the issue.

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