Autopause when attacked

I really would like to have an autopause feature, available in the options to turn off or on, which pauses the game every time invaders have been spotted.
Since it is an option if you do not like it you won’t enable it.

Sometimes I let the game run but I am afk (toilet etc.) and having to pause a game for a couple of minutes without beeing in danger is s waste of time. If you understand me.
But if I not pause the game, my whole city could be wiped out or not … it is a gamble which is unnecessary.


That’s a good idea to add to the game and it’d make it easy for those cases, but imagine if you left it on and it kept pausing every time there was danger and all your villagers were doing, was going near a big zombie and its just standing there doing nothing, it’d become a nuisance over time and would lead you to turn it back off. unless you added it to a key like [ then you could enable anytime you had to go somewhere and then disable it when you get back.

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This would be especially helpful for playing on speed 3 and 4 where the couple of seconds it takes you to pause the game can be long enough for a civilian hearthling to die.

I do this manually every time invaders appear, to give myself time to activate Town Defense Mode (to make all non-combat hearthlings retreat) and set combat orders. I would definitely use a ‘pause automatically when invaders are spotted’ option if one existed.

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