Auto Extension Ladders

For ladders placed specifically by the user please consider making them auto-extend when the top or the bottom no longer touches the ‘top’ of a plane. So like if you put a ladder down in a trench you’re mining but the Hearthlings come along and take out that last layer … and now the ladder is 1 block too short. T’would be most excellent if they would automatically go put in that missing bit to extend the ladder and set themselves free.

Pretty sure this would mess with scaffolding so I’m guessing you’d not want this feature on them.

Thank you!


I’ll build ladders up the cliffside to start mining veins of ore. I don’t want the ladders going all the way to the top and thus bring more mobs I may not be ready for.

I think that would be a different situation and thus not auto extend. You’re purposefully building it short right? It didn’t become too short due to Hearthlings mining; right? Just making sure I understand the situation you’re explaining.

I’m talking about when you build a latter and then the Hearthlings mine out below it making it too short.

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