Attributes disappear

Attributes of my workers just disappear !
I can do nothing. I wanted to change a job from potter to mason. I was trying everything , but i cant fix it. at least i can do another and better world :stuck_out_tongue:


Versions and Mods:
2ecfe408-a184-11e5-8658-74d43596b12f … Alpha 13, release-489 (64x)
System Information:
Win7 home premium 64bit, Intel core i5-2500, AMD Radeon R9 200 series

Hey there @ShadowAron, looks like your UI crashed. Try hitting f5 on your keyboard to reset it, and let us know what happens…

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eeh, i cant …
I didn’t save it after crush. I got a new village. Everything is okey now, so i’m sorry for wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue: , but i will try press F5 if it happens again and i will come back here …

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No time wasted, so no need to apologize! We’re here to help each other out, regardless of whether it is a quick fix, or a lengthy bug :smile:!