Assign Hearthlings to doors


The game made a lot of progress in the last months but a thing that i’m always missing is to make private rooms. Hearthlings will always enter in private houses for sitting on chairs, eating, ecc. ecc.

A solution for this issue could be to make a door with the same function like the beds have. Assign a door to a Hearthling so only him can open it. I really want to make a door item with this function but, for real, i don’t have idea how to start coding.

Using the same code used for the Bed can be a solution (connecting them to open the door instead of sleep)


Well using the same code would be a no go, but some form of “only this hearthling can path through it” code could maybe be possible, would take lua codin on the tier of @paulthegreat I suspect though, hey Paul, how hard would something like that be?


It actually probably wouldn’t be too hard. I think all you’d have to do is modify door_component.lua to make more specific filter functions and add some traces/call handlers to reformulate them as necessary (e.g., changing ownership of the door).


Ohh lua :frowning: great…
I’m really a noob in coding, so maybe this could be a little bit too difficult to manage.


If it’s any consolation, that’s the same reason I haven’t already made such a door myself >.<


i can understand your trouble :smiley:

Maybe there is a way to find a easy solution