Doors open when they shouldn't (hearthling on different Y coordinate)

While playing last night I had my game in open view and I noticed my graveyard doors kept opening every once and a while even when no one was near them, upon further inspection I realized the cause of this was that hearthlings from 2 or 3 levels below the doors were activating them. I have my city built into a mountain and you can see that my hearthlings in the dining area are activating the door above, not sure if its just double doors, but it is annoying.

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I think that doors open when a Hearthling gets within X distance of the door, regardless of the direction. I do think that this should be restriced to the X-Z plane (well, maybe one or two voxels of Y).

Maybe it’s ghosts :open_mouth:

Oh, nice catch! :open_mouth:
And welcome to the forum, @BWRE_of_Kappus ! :smile:

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