Assassin's Creed Unity - Pre-order program member request!

Hello everyone,

The title says it all. I tried to make the topic title as informative as possible, but here is what I’m looking for:

Is there anyone who want to join my team in the Assassin’s Creed Unity pre-order program?

I’m in a team together with my cousin, and soon another friend will join as well. This means we have a team with 3 out of 4 people, and we are looking for a 4th person to make the team full, and as a result unlock all the bonus content.

The reason that I am asking this is because we (in theory) have a 3/4 full team, while almost everyone prefers to create their own team by themselves. Now the thing is, once you joined, you can’t leave. So all those people who make their own team are denying existing teams from getting full, as well as their own. And therefor they deny us, but also themselves, the full pre-order rewards for the game!

So if anyone has pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed Unity, or is going to pre-order it in the near future, and wants to help us filling the team, please let me know! Thanks!

Team name: Shoelace

For convenience, here is the link to the pre-order program:

would like to get it but not sure do to money probs atm

I’m interested, but is thisPC or console?

Doesn’t matter, the pre-order program takes place out of the game. You have to create a team of 4 people, for each person in the team you get extra content. For a full team you get an additional in game mission.

There is no relation between the pre-order program teams and the game itself. It is just an out-of-game event to get more in game content, whether you play on pc or console does not matter.

The only prerequisite is that you have pre-ordered the game and received a pre-order code.

I’m most likely going to be pre-ordering within a few days. So consider me a part of your team. :slight_smile:

I’m confused. This topic is about Assassin’s Creed Unity, right? Which I assume is what you’re going to be preordering… what does it have to do with Majesty?

Not sure why you replied to @Phagocytosis’s post but I assume it was directed to me anyway. When you have pre-ordered the game and received your code, just go to and search for our team Shoelace and join that. We have to accept you, so we will be checking if you have joined at least once per day. :smile:

Joining our team would really help us out, and it saves you the hassle of trying to join another random team!

Not sure if it’s allowed but I’d like to give this a bump since we’re still looking for one last man. Anyone who would like to join would help us out big time!

TEAM: Shoelace, 1 last person is needed to fill the team and unlock all the in game rewards (console is irrelevant).

Got my copy through steam - seems they decided not to opt into this promo :frowning: