Getting pumped for Destiny?

As everyone may well know, the release of Destiny is arriving tomorrow in the colonies and almost everyone I know is getting excited! I just wanted to share in the anticipation on this forum and talk about it with anyone willing to lend an ear! Does anyone have any plans for the game, or possibly a story from the beta?

I’m waiting for it to come on PC next March. Although I am thinking about getting it on my 360.

I got it preordered on 360 for tomorrow :smiley:

Was it announced for PC? If so I’d probably forego the wait and get it for 360, though that’s just me

Awesome! Did you play the Beta? It was the most fun I’d had in a while

indeed, i did, and am now playing on console

I’ve been playing it with my mates on PS4 its awesome !! I setup a small clan and thus far its been terribly fun.

cries I’m still updating!

I feel your pain there is nothing worse than waiting. Soon, soon then you will be brutally slaying alien’s to your hearts content

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I love co-op, Really, REALLY love co-op, and destiny is focusing on that as far as i can tell, however, as far as i’m aware, it won’t be on PC for a while at best. I’d love to be pumped for destiny, but i can’t really, as i’m not gonna get a Xbox.

Gotta get some monehs to get me some consoles and games!

######I just wanted to talk like that. Sorry.

Hackers have discovered a flaw in the game gives themselves unlimited ammo.

#####Destiny: Hackers Discover How To Get Infinite/Unlimited Ammo