Art n' Animation - 2D Cartoons

Hello Everyone,
My name is OverSketch, and I am going to be accepting the challenge of 2D animation and art!
This thread will be where I post all my works, but I shall also be creating for YouTube in the future.
Any support for my work will be appreciated, but constructive criticism is also greatly accepted.

P.S. Because of the fact I have next to no money, the animator I am using is a Free - Trial, so I only have about two weeks left, but I am expecting to get the full version by the Holidays!

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Here is some of my latest work:

My first piece of art: Worker

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You can always link to another site (DeviantArt perhaps? Not sure of many other good sites for uploading art…) if you can’t post it here quite yet :slight_smile: .

I dont like deviantart for my artwork, its too restrictive in what i can post :confused: is a pretty good alternative. You don’t even need an account. :smile:

Imgur is master race.

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Ok, the first piece is up! Nothing fancy, just a 1/2 hour quick draw. :slight_smile:

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hey there @OverSketch … welcome aboard! :smile:

for having just ventured into the world of 2d art, you are off to a great start! this is very obviously a lumberjack, and he fits well with the overall Stonehearth vibe (if that was what you were aiming for)… I think my favorite part of your work is the shadowing/outlining of the figure…

keep at it! :+1:

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Practice everyday, and don’t give up too easy. I use to do comic strips on imgur in my free time known as The White Umbrella, they weren’t too popular, but I had tons of fun making them. If you’re pursuing art as a career you have to be competitive. Other artists are going to want to rip you off, tell you it’s bad, and nit pick every piece of art you have. The field of artists is so broad that you have to find something that makes your work unique, it may be how you revisit old Van Gogh’s and look for inspiration, maybe it will the way you draw the human figure. Just don’t give up, and always strive to be the best that you can.

Thank you all for the kind words :smile:

This next drawing came up a bit late due to a power outage, but now that that’s fixed, here it is:

Note: There is no shading in this picture, my bad, but I hope it still brings the image across nicely!

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