Are there any benefits for choosing one of the 3 options that Anwyn Redelm gives you?

He offers the church, military, and craftsman, but I can’t seem to find a topic to really explain what each of these do. I’m probably going to choose craftsman this time because I’m on peaceful but I would love to know what the other paths do for future towns. :blush: Thanks in advance!

They’re just there for fluff. You gain access to solving the request by any of the three means. You can change which method you want at any time, and simply run the challenge when you’re finished.

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Ah, well maybe they will add in a function later.

It would be cool if, like, the military one gave all you fighters a buff enhance, the church would help with your farmers/cooks/shepherds, and then the craftsman help with well… all your crafters. It would be an interesting dynamic to see how you’d survive. :yum:

Can you build all 3? I’d love to have them to decorate my town with.

Yeah, once you have placed one, the other two are still available to build :stuck_out_tongue: