Are herbalists not healing?

Herbalists in current unstable alpha seem to not be able to heal. Does anyone else experience this?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a herbalist and a footman
  2. Create a stock of at least 1 healing potion
  3. Drop footman below 60% health (around half of a heart)
  4. Footman is on patrol or slacking (job turned off), herbalist has no job tasks

Note: my footman has a “Hothead” perk. Dunno if that has any influence.

Expected Results:
When footman’s health is low and he has no urgent tasks he should go and heal.

Actual Results:
Footman never goes to infirmary, preferring to heal naturally.

Tried adding more healing items (like first-tier bandages), assigning beds to footman or herbalist. No effect.
I’m playing Rayyas, desert biome. It’s 14-th day and my herbalist still hasn’t healed anyone.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A22 r726 x64

  • HOMF
  • Locks of many hair
  • Jomaxro’s Doorway mod
  • My “Lodewall lights” mod
  • My “More lights”
  • Unit frame activity mod
  • Unit frame health mod
  • Better stockpiles
  • My “Boxes” mod
  • Debug tools

System Information:

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I keep seeing these type of bugs, but maybe I misunderstand how herbalists work. I thought herbalists only treated folks that were incapacitated. If I recall correctly they were doing more healing before, but I think when they added the incapacitated feature they changed conditions (could be wrong). I assumed this was intentional, making a clear distinction between the job of an herbalist and the role a cleric plays. Would help if the devs could give us an explanation on how exactly the herbalist is supposed to work lol.

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I haven’t played in a while, but back in A20 it has like this:

  • A hearthling gets serious injury
  • A hearthling gets to bed (or is evacuated to bed if he’s unconscious)
  • Herbalist treats the wounds with bandages and tonics

Unlike herbalist, a cleric

  • Casts healing immediately, “in the field”
  • With no reagents required
  • Cast is more or less instant (where herbalists take time to treat wounds and put a debuff “bandaged” that prevents instantly bringing the injured back). This is alleviated by cleric having a cooldown on casting heal.

In other words, herbalist is an early “slow healing” class to support the town after the battle is over, while cleric is a late-game “combat-healing” class.


Okay, that sounds about right. I just never noticed my herbalist bothering to heal anyone who wasn’t incapacitated. Just thought it was working as intended.

I tend to wall off a large area around my settlements so I don’t have to deal with enemies until I’m ready for em lol. That may be part of the reason I never noticed. Would still like a response from the devs to explain exactly what and when an herbalist is supposed to be doing their thing.

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I thought the threshold for herbalist healing was something like 30% or below.


Curious. If it is so, it would make sense to tune it up - since hearthlings get mood hits from injuries quite early, one can expect herbalist to be able to fix this.


Thanks for that @thelegorebel I’m all kinds of confused about what the heck my herbalist is supposed to be doing all the time lol.

Noticed some interesting behaviour: wounded guards are sometimes healed at night when they are sleeping.

  1. This happens with hearthlings having non-critical injuries (more than 50% HP is left). Severely wounded hearthlings try to seek out herbalist’s aid straight away.
  2. Wounded hearthlings should go to bed as usual (night’s sleep)
  3. Herbalist should be awake

I have nothing against it, it helps. But I wonder if it is intended. And if it is, why isn’t it covered by any guides/help?

Yeah, healing currently isn’t feeling very good. I’ve got a general task to do a holistic design for all healing/health in the game. Maybe I’ll write the design during my next stream…


Okay, this doesn’t work any more. Rather unpleasant since it leads to city guard mostly walking around 10-50% injured and not getting healed.
Thankfully they at least don’t get mood hit from injuries any more (that would permanently turn them into sad pandas).