Anyone has a good building tutorial or tips?

I don’t mean to offend, but all these things are perfectly possible with the basic tools. However it takes quite the amount of juggling.

A few standard restrictions we will always have are

Walls have to be 5 blocks high + for the reason a hearthling seems to be 4 blocks high. Now I don’t know about your house but we have headspace and plenty of it.
Roof tools work perfectly well on any outer wall and changing the current way of making roofs instantly would mess with much more than that tool. Instead try to put down roofs first ( use this tool as well for even higher top floors ) and simply add the rest after the main roof and walls are in place.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon because inspiration is the best thing you will be able to use right now.
I’ve seen the streamers building palaces and what not, but those things are not slightly impressive for the fact I couldn’t see inside if I liked to. This bothers me so much I simply forced myself to explore the limits of the editor and they aren’t as bad as I initially thought. Try some random stuff and maybe you will get inspiration as well. Slabs can’t be seethrough as that would mess with more floor tiles than building tiles currently :confused:

hope this clears up.


I agree 1000% with this. It is a game that at this current point, requires a great deal of imagination to the build building customized, also, instead of slabs for house, there is a function to use walls. I use it quite a bit but not as much as slabs. This function is usable only by latching on from a pre-existing wall on the foundation of the blueprint and dragged into the structure (cannot be done out of it). It is less versatile but still useful especially for simple strait walls, and can have a column at the end too. Yet, I must admit, I rather use slabs, as they are more versatile, especially for things like doing doors (without actual doors) internal windows and such.

Later down the road they should add doorways as part of the basegame, as these are really basic.
For the rest it’s indeed just the state of the game and the limitations it carries naturally.

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yea that’s the gist of it just for buildings. (and just to be clear one layer = one block)

wont be perfect as it wont allow you to view multiple floors, but will be enough for most people and enough for a builder’s point of view.

Another disadvantage would be you would always have to view houses in a steep view particular a problem in small buildings.

As a side bonus the mining cutting tool, seem to have minal resource draw. Unlike the see tru wall tool…at least my experience that’s 100% useless in very large builds, as the resource load goes from fairly playable to a few frames for me anyways :stuck_out_tongue: On that note its already a useless feature for me regardless of it working as intended or not.

as for the roof building tool its always gonna fail on complexity from my point of view.

To designate single blocks to be walls and floors could be an option something similar to what @CainSeldon said. But im not a fan since i think its a steep complexity increase for something i feel has limited gains compared to a simple solution.

edit:(well havent tried the see tru wall tool in ages performance has improved a LOT so its more viable now anyways but still resource heavy )

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I just wanted to show you my city with the wall tool activated…you can actually have fairly solid views inside most buildings even on advanced buildings but you do need to use floors for floors and i tempt to forget that!

I still use a lot of walls combined with slabs after all.

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really hard to look at if you don’t know what is what :stuck_out_tongue:

outside of my first experiment, only slabs on the floor.

inside view with walls opened

I feel this is a little more comprehensive than my words. Keep it basic at first, add stuff later.

that being said partial see tru tool is still putting my game to 1-2 frames So i cant use that even if i did intent on building less with slabs

pciked these since i did use floors as floors so they work out fine.

But its not a pretty sight that i will agree on hence i wanted a simple solution to the problem with the cutting tool.

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