Animating a crab

Thanks for all the help @Hyrule_Symbol.

I can say for now that it is working, now it is just a matter of getting good at it…

No problem at-all, if it helps promote more animating the the community, i’m more than happy to help

let me know if you have any more problems or if you need help with the animating process itself

Not a master piece, I know… At least now I know how to do it, I just need to improve my skills. :wink:

VoxelShop really delayed my learning… It adds a stupid prefix into all your matrix names, and it makes it all lower case. And to top it off, it exports .dae (to import in blender) with a scaled down model, like 10% of the original size, making it all go out of sync in-game…
All little things, but enough of a problem to make it not work at all! :rage:

Major thanks to @Hyrule_Symbol for helping me!


Nicely done!
Again, let me know if you need help with the animating itself, though you seem to be doing pretty good!, might even be better than my first few! (Which i only have vague memory of)
My current advice would be to have the start abd end of the loop posed, and have a one frame gap (if the animation is 30frames the end key-frame is at 31) for a much smoother loop, buut it is your first and it might even just be a test i’d say it’s more than serviceable


Instead of the default pose that it has when imported? Yeah, I thought about it, the default pose looks strange and makes the transition between two different animations ugly (makes easier to notice when it loops).

What you mean? So the first and last key is not the same? Cause that was what I did, before animating the middle frames, I locked the first and last. Thinking about it now, it makes sense, else it is easier to notice the loop as it will stay two frames in the same position.

i mean have the end frame (the one that’s the same as the first) to lagg one frame behind, the reason is that in prevents the same frame(the first and the end is identical) play in two frames,it counts from 1 to 30 and goes back to 1, so the loop is 25-26-27-28-29-30-01, and the and 30-1 are bolth the same frame so the animations actually pauses for a very short time, but it is noticable, having the fram lagg one frame behind allows the end frame to be the frame right before it becomes identical as the first frame

What is the easiest way to do that?
I will make a 31 frame animation where both the 1 and 31 would be the same, and then when finished just delete the 31?

no just, set your time to the 31th frame and set the keyframe there, the keyframe doesn’t have to be in a active slot

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Oh, didn’t knew that. Thanks!

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You should have really pinged me :slight_smile: Please do in the future!

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