Animal Companion description error

Sometimes, the description of the trait ‘Animal Companion’ is wrong.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game and head to the ‘Customize your party’ page.
  2. Re-roll the hearthlings until the trait ‘Animal Companion’ show up.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

After the discussion under this thread, I understand that is intended. But I hope we are able to know what species the pet will be.

Game Version:
A22 r726

It is intended. This means that the pet saved the hearthling and that is why they are friends now. :slight_smile:

I can accept that. But then I think they should put the species at the front of both names.

It looks ok for me, but I’m not sure if it is right because english is not my first language.

It is correct english :merry:

Yup this was discussed in Stonehearth Dev Stream 267: Pets, Bugs, and Pet Bugs @ 15:30 in. @jamiltron intended for it to be there :merry:

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English is not my first language either.
It’s totally ok, I just want to know what species the pet will be.

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Oh, I understand now what you mean. When the pet saves the hearthling, it only shows its name, but not its species (fox, squirrel, etc…) so we don’t know what it is.
But when the hearthling saves it, it says what the pet is (fox in your case from the first picture)

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Yeah I hope they change it to include the type of pet as well. I tend to reroll until I get the trait again based on what job I want the hearthling to have. Usually a squirrel or raccoon for Carpenter, something that seems to fit in with the idea I have of the character.

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We could probably get something to work so you know what species the pet is via the trait. Maybe something like “Ever since Savior the species rescued their other-species Savee …”, and just leave off the first species if its the Hearthling. How does that sound?


That sounds good, works for me.

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Forgot to mention that this is fixed for the next release.