Animal Companion Translation


The problem is that its change sometimes the [name(i18n_data.savior)] with the [name(i18n_data.savee)].

Mostly it works and looks like rabbit john has saved the hearthling max freud.

but for the squirrel and the raccon its shows in german max freud the (missing string) has saved the rabbit jon and sometimes it shows the missing string and changes the structure. Very confussing xD

On the first two german pics its one roster with two companion traits and the strings are changed for the squirrel (like known its one line with variables) - one the first pics its says every since “hearthlingname” the “missingstring” the “squirrel” “squirrelname” … and in the second pic it says every since the “squirrelname” the “squirell” the “hearthling” “hearthlingname”

so its not very consequent ^^

Steps to reproduce:

1 go to the select_roster and roll some hearthlings until you get pn with a pet companion - reroll again

Expected Results:

same sentence structure

Actual Results:

everytime the sentence structure is different - which makes it for some language (like german) impossible to translate it correct ^^


German Pics:

English Pics:


Version Number and Mods in use:
1.0 (892) and with and without german translation tested

Sometimes hearthlings saved an animal, and other times animals saved hearthlings, sounds good, right? :merry:

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in fact its a nice feature - but for translation its horror ^^ and now that some of my user really have used for the first time the tooltips and have seen it - i need to mention it xD

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