Ancient beings and their involvement in gameplay

What if there was another race before stonehearthians. Why did this race die out and what if they are still there hiding.
That was a rather dramatic start to a post that is about the potential benefits of discovering past races and learning and re-creating there technology and possibly fearing their wrath. What do you guys think?


Well, there is something already mentioned about this on the Discourse, but it’s a matter of intense debate:

Yes I have read this and it seems a plausible theory which I will support to the last, but what a bout the things that came before them.

Are you talking about the ancient rabbit civilization called the Pooka that once ruled but was devastated by the armies of Pitch?

Yes they are one of the. Are the rumors true that there is still a colony in the burrows of Knoll.

Yes my friend but i am afraid that they are a dying species. more and more of the children are halfblooded, and has lost the powers their parent had. Trade between their children known as “The rabbit clan” has been increasingly more common. We are by the time watching the last bits of an ancient civilization falling apart. Here is a picture of the original race:

And here is a picture of what they are becoming:

The last drawing is made by one of my new field agents he isn’t the greatest artist.


But possibly the new clans of the pooka in the dragon wing mountains so they may possibly return.

I think there are plans for ruins etc of various kinds, plus dungeons & scenarios, so obviously the region you’re settling in was inhabited by others at some point in the past.

Yes, but I was thinking that you could get benefits from studying ancient races and there demise and the bonuses would be a bit like the research in star craft wings of liberty.

Well that’s certainly possible (eg feasts will give settlement-wide buffs, or at least that’s the plan), although I’m not sure what the plan is WRT having that in the core game. Not hard to mod in if it doesn’t appear though.