An observation with A18 is it a bug?

While playing regular game I had to switch to my browser a sec to look up something for my sister, the game was running just fine, up to 17 hearthlings, nothing stressful going on, paused game to look at browser and coming back to game nothing moves for long moments, super, I mean really super lagged and only way to correct it was to save (that was a job to do), exit and restart, all is normal again.

I’ve not had this happen to any other game I’ve played, could tab out look up stuff go back and continue no problem.

Hi @Unatan2 ,

That’s definitely strange behavior. I pause and tab out of Stonehearth all the time, especially when writing bug reports, posting screenshots, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve had that happen to me.

Two quick questions:

  • When this happened, how long had you been playing (consecutively) prior to tabbing out?
  • What build of A18 were you playing when this happened?

I know these things can be tough to reproduce, but I’m wondering if you could try to make it happen again.

If it does happen again, maybe there’s something interesting with your save game or possibly your particular hardware configuration that’s contributing to the issue. In that event, please update this thread with details about your hardware (video card, ram, CPU, OS type and version, etc) along with your save, so the team can investigate.


I’d been playing for few hours, happens anytime I pause out to browser


Game Version: 0.18.0 (develop 3116) x64
Mods: Debugtools, Terrain Colors, Easy Mode

Alienware Aurora R4
Intel Core i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
64-bit Operating System x64-based processor

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 x2
1900x1200 59Hz

I play the game in the windowed mode, also if it makes any difference I use Mozilla Firefox browser.

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Does this only happen when tabbing to browser - and not other programs?

I use firefox and stonehearth at the same time, windowed mode.
I move stonehearth to and from the monitors a lot (not same size), usually maximized window, and switch between that and browser all the time. Sometimes with potplayer to watch something, while stonehearth runs in other window, play a browser game while stonehearth runs in other window, read this forum when stonehearth runs in other window… etc…

I did not notice any tag that is related to task switching though.
BUT, there is the “usual” case of game slowing down after running for some time, in which case I will exit and restart which usually makes things ok again.

Another thing I avoided doing: loading game a second time. The only time I load a game is when stonehearth first starts up. And if I had to reload again (e.g. scaffolding bugs… :frowning: ), i will exit the whole game and restart. (hmmm… probably too late, but that could have been useful thing to remember before PAX). so just to check: did you reload repeatedly while in the same process?

Though I don’t understand how, I think I fixed it, seems my video card’s auto update forgot to notify me of an update, normally get a big ole pop-up to tell me I have an update.

The thing I don’t understand is, how when my machine is running the game just fine, a video card driver update would alter the game to lag so much, never understood this effect drivers have on a games that run fine until someone updates drivers.


Just to double check the lag isn’t occurring since the update?

Not that I can see, I ran the game and then opened browser, opened MS solitaire collection, opened Xbox live, tabbed in and out and things ran ok.

I just don’t understand how, never did understand how a game (any) which runs fine, then doesn’t run when vid drivers get an update.

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Ok, it’s happening again with this new version of Stonehearth, and all my drivers are updated, I “tabbed” out to browser (Firefox) while the game was paused (Main Menu up) to place an order on Amazon, this took about 20 mins, came back to the game and was really really lagged, I could hear the “something is attacking alarm” and battle sounds but the screen was still trying to catch up to the sounds but doing a real poor job of it.

I tried again just browsing about for a bit and same thing.

Hmm. How long had you been playing the game before tabbing out to Firefox (both times)?

First time was a few hours, second to test was just a few minutes.

If you haven’t already, please start a fresh world and test again. This should eliminate anything specific to a particular save game.

Started a new game, Rayya campaign, played for 4-5 hours, paused opened browser, read some message here, went to twitch, watched some stuff there a bit, came back to Stonehearth and tried to play and the lag happens.

It’s like stop motion almost, the sound for merchant pops up then it’s gone, even in notification panel, a hearthling is in one spot then way across the field, tried to use frap to capture but can’t seem to get it to load to bucket.

Thanks for all the testing, @Unatan2.

@yshan, this sounds like the known performance issue regarding long-running game sessions. Thoughts?

Seems so, every time I run a long session (few hours) it happens, is this system conflict with the game? doesn’t seem to be happening to others