An experimenter gives advice to the developer team

Dear developer team:
I am a player from Asia,Since the advent of this game I have been concerned about it, after several versions.
Witnessed from simple to complex, from monotonous to the process of prosperity.
But there is always a problem the developer team did not solve, that is the game optimization problem.
A game, regardless of the demo version or the official version, its operational, UI interface, BGM, fun, playability, which are built on the smooth running of the game on the basis of a better show developers Team ideas and ideas.
But now the demo version of Alpha, run a period of time there will be insufficient RAM, which dropped the number of frames, the game engine to read errors, etc., which seriously affected the player’s experience.
I think a game has a good idea but not through the smooth running and show your talent, it is regrettable.
So please solve this problem!
TIP:My computer is beyond your given configuration requirements 2,RAM insufficient mostly in the running time is too long and the acceleration mode
A Stonehearth Supporter