An Alpha to solve "Why"?

Just had a passing thought that maybe a good idea for a future alpha might be to polish all things related to informing the player why something happens (or isn’t happening) in the game.


  • Why doesn’t my building ever finish?
  • Why isn’t my herbalist or cleric healing my injured hearthling?
  • Why hasn’t that loot- or (re)move-tagged item been looted or (re)moved yet?
  • Why is my hearthling sick?
  • Why do these monsters keep appearing, and how can I stop them?
  • Why can’t I place this building template here?
  • Why can’t I use the slab/floor/foundation tool here, when in the building editor?
  • Why is my hearthling idle or stuck?
  • Why isn’t my ranged unit attacking those monsters?


Any other “Why” questions that could use clearer explanations in-game?


This is a good idea to implement but I don’t think we should do this when we’re still in an alpha phase with the game, because right now half of these questions can be answered with: “Bugs.”

Don’t disagree. “Later Alpha” could also be “Once we hit Beta”. Whenever makes the most sense.