[alpha6 r156] carpetner ui freeze

Bug: ui freezing when opening multiple windows on carpenter.

when you have a carpenter and a workstation already built, clicking on the workstation button and than the button for looking at the carpenters stats, the ui will freeze and you will no longer be able to open more windows.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. promote someone to carpenter
  2. have carpenter build a workstation
    3.click on anvil button to open the carpenters construction window
  3. click little saw button that opens the carpenters stat window
  4. ui will freeze with error thrown and any more windows that user attempts to open will result in the same error that occurred at the ui freeze

Expected Results:
both windows are open on screen with current window overtop the other one

Actual results:
ui freezes and errors are thrown with game breaking consequences. the villigers can no longer communicate with the onmipotent spirit that once guided them. all hope of growth is smuthered as they lose there way, sheltering themselfs off from the rest of the world and awayting the day the goblins finnaly become brave enough to finish them off. may Cid help there poor souls.


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