Alpha General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!

no only start new and quick start options and i don’t see any of the wolfs people talk about or just undead and goblins.

the wolfs come later in the game, when you have a higher net worth, and after you defeat the first goblin camp if im not mistaken. i myself have only had the goblin wolf camp quest happen in one game so far.

ok well i will delete and reinstall and see what happens

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that did can save again :smiley:

thanks all :smiley: now back to the game


brilliant… have fun! :smile: :+1:

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Three questions:

  1. How many Alpha releases do you guys at Radiant estimate there will be until Beta.

  2. Same as above except with Beta releases and approximation until release.

  3. Do you guys have an approximate release date?


welcome to the discourse @StormiestSH :smile:

im not certain about this one, but i dont think they know.

[quote=“StormiestSH, post:388, topic:5475”]
Same as above except with Beta releases and approximation until release.
[/quote]i dont think they know yet, and probably wont know until they have finished alpha.

[quote=“StormiestSH, post:388, topic:5475”]
Do you guys have an approximate release date?
[/quote]nope TR doesnt have an estimated release date.

i guess i might as well just page @sdee to get her input.


Alright thanks for answering Mr.8BitCrab.

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I dont know if this had been mentioned or asked yet, but should i be receiving errors in coding that pop up on my gameplay screen? It doesn’t seem to hinder play, but it appears every-so-often when i make a command or a player levels up. Finally an error started coming up every so many seconds after beating a goblin camp for the first time and the game starts to move extremely slowly as if the memory space had been taken up?
I would upload an image but because im new it wont let me

Welcome to the forum, @bamicee :smile:

Yes, the game is still on development, so when something went wrong on the code, you get those popups with errors (there’s a “Close Permanently” button there which should make the popups to cease even if there are more errors, if you don’t want to see them).

If you see the number of errors on the popup increasing too fast in a few seconds and it doesn’t stop, you should close the game! The error is being fired in a loop, so it won’t stop never, taking up all of your available memory unless you close the game.

Unfortunately those errors can happen randomly, so if you’re fast and can take a screenshot of the error it’d be useful for the devs.

You can make a new topic on this forum on the Support->Active Bug category, with a screenshot of the errors you get, and what was going on the game when they appeared.

Also, if you have a savegame which fires the error once it’s loaded, it’d be really useful for the developers.

I hope this explanation was helpful enough :sweat_smile:


Thank you very much! It was helpful, I just bought the game yesterday and I love it, but now the issue that im having is that I cant seem to build any buildings anymore, even in a new game that i created, as soon as i try to build a building another error box appears?

When adding the feature that water must be available to both, hearthlings and their fellow animals, will it be shown on the start-map as resource, same as Wood, Minerals and Critters?

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Hello there Stonehearth developers :slight_smile:
I really want to know when multiplayer is coming ?
I also really love your game! keep up the good work.

Regards TheWastelander

hey there @TheWastelander … welcome aboard! :smile:

multiplayer is … quite a ways off, I’m afraid… and I don’t believe we’ve heard anything more specific about timeframes …

you can always stay tuned here and on the official blog though, as we’ll obviously be the first to know when things start to ramp up! :+1:

FYI - Stonehearth Development Roadmap – Stonehearth


Hey SteveAdamo ! thank you for your answer :smile:

I might have to wait a while for multiplayer then huh :frowning:
But atleast it is a very good game so I can wait :smile:
Also have a good day!

Regards TheWastelander

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A post was split to a new topic: Suggestion for the camera rotation

the most “specific”, yet still vague, answer was that multiplayer would be coming closer to the end of the alpha stages of the game.

The thing that really bothers me is how much performance drops during night. I can play perfectly during the day. But at night with the light sources (which are awesome and I wanna place tons of them) and shadows it just starts to lag so bad.

Apart from that I am totally loving this game :smile:

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when we can exploit our enemies?