Alpha 3 Game Crash "rotate.is_unit()"

Hiya, My game crashes everytime I try to place the settlers flag after creating a new world. Comes up with an error message saying rotate.is_unit().

hey there @nombananas

are you playing the most recent “unstable” steam build? have you been able to play previous builds?

what are your system specs (graphics card, CPU, memory)?

I was playing the most recent unstable Alpha 4 but decided to go back to stable Alpha 3. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t working? 2gb Graphics 8gb RAM i7 core so I don’t think my specs area the problem. I’ve gone back to the unstable build now and that seems to working so guess I will stick with that even if its a lil buggy :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the update … we’ll keep this open, as the error message may trigger something for the team…