Alpha 21 - forgotten item for sell

see picture :

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
all items in consumable tab for selling

Actual Results:

only 2 …


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 21 laster update

System Information:

That 1 item left is probably placed, you can’t sell it if it’s not in iconic form.

Not sure about the small potions, though. Could you upload the savefile?

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I found the problem. I guess it’s become more prioritary to fix this now, although I’m not sure that it would make it for this alpha :sweat:

Sorry for the trouble. You can’t sell them because they have been “supposedly” used (but they weren’t).

But they are still there, hidden in your town. The only way to retrieve them would be to teleport them with debug tools, but only if you can click on them.

This might be related to multiple healers trying to heal the same person. Thanks for the savefile!

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This is fixed for next alpha, but only for new saves (they won’t drop the tonics on the bed anymore).

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Story time / context

I had 2 incapacitated hearthlings that were not being healed by my herbalist. I had maintained 2 of each healing item so I knew I had some somewhere, I had plenty of flowers for any new healing item, he was high level, with plenty of free time. And was doing everything except healing those in need…

I ordered a new healing item and he promptly crafted it and went to heal one guy in need.

What? I started searching for my healing potions and couldn’t find them anywhere. Maybe it was in someone’s backpack? Looked in each one, nope.

End of story

So I opened the Object Browser, typed heal, selected the uri for the healing item. The list shows that I have 4 (like the town inventory reported), I tracked one of them and the game focused the camera on a bed… I check the bed with the Object Browser and there we go, it had an entity_container with the potion inside.
This made the herbalist think it had healing items and was not crafting any new ones, and when he needs to get a heal item to heal someone he could not access it, effectively blocking his job.

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But… But… Didn’t we fix this recently? :worried:
Like, is that savefile from a previous alpha? We made it so that they won’t drop the potions in the beds, instead the potion is destroyed at the time the herbalist starts fiddling. Or maybe it has to do with incapacitation?

This had all kind of side effects, like not being able to sell tonics that your inventory said you had, and wasting healing items when several healers try to heal the same hearthling. Not to mention it’s impossible to remove the tonics from under the bed unless you use debug tools and put the camera at a tricky angle.

My save is from previous versions, forgot to mention it. It is that same town I uploaded for another bug.

How I can do that? From what I understand the potion is inside the bed, like inside a chest, not just occupying the same spot.

For mean/comfy beds the potions were visible under the bed, if you put the camera parallel to the ground:

For clay beds I doubt it can be done since they touch the ground. Maybe getting the camera to clip the inside of the bed somehow:

And then select the potion and use teleport.

Thanks, they were actually visible below the beds! I thought it was like the chests where they are not in the world.
Yes, the save had being running through multiple versions already, I think since a19. Consider this solved, if I find it in a new save I report back.

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