Healing potion inside entity_container of a bed!

Story time / context

I had 2 incapacitated hearthlings that were not being healed by my herbalist. I had maintained 2 of each healing item so I knew I had some somewhere, I had plenty of flowers for any new healing item, he was high level, with plenty of free time. And was doing everything except healing those in need…

I ordered a new healing item and he promptly crafted it and went to heal one guy in need.

What? I started searching for my healing potions and couldn’t find them anywhere. Maybe it was in someone’s backpack? Looked in each one, nope.

End of story

So I opened the Object Browser, typed heal, selected the uri for the healing item. The list shows that I have 4 (like the town inventory reported), I tracked one of them and the game focused the camera on a bed… I check the bed with the Object Browser and there we go, it had an entity_container with the potion inside.
This made the herbalist think it had healing items and was not crafting any new ones, and when he needs to get a heal item to heal someone he could not access it, effectively blocking his job.


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