Alpha 20: in which we put the heart in hearthlings

I love this picture


#Vista Users, please review this important note from the update:


Ummm . . . do we know when Humble Bundle will be updated with Alpha 20? Unless I’m looking in the wrong place, I can’t find any link except for alpha 19. :frowning:

That Start Menu is beautiful :smiley:


updating HumbleBundle is a more manual/longer update process than Steam, so the team generally waits a few days before pushing a new stable release to HB, just to make sure that there aren’t any super game breaking bugs they missed.

so just hold on a couple more days and it should get updated :slight_smile: (though i can’t 100% guarantee that of course)


For Translators:

No changes to v699 xD

Congratulations on another Alpha. 20 down, X number to go! :smiley:

And as always, keep up the good work!

(That picture is fantastic, btw)


Alpha 20 looks like it will be remembered for all the right reasons, great work Team Stonehearth!

I’ve seen a lot of games try to simulate moods and consequences of said moods among their workers, but in all those games I’ve watched I’ve never seen it done as simply and elegantly as you’ve done. I find it very fitting with the game’s existing style and feel, although I hope that later on there are some more active consequences (e.g. a very happy hearthling crafter might make an exceptional item, beyond even fine quality; possibly requiring rarer materials and thus making it a kind of mini quest event… or conversely a very unhappy hearthling might up and leave your settlement), but for now this feels like a good balance until we can get more active ways to increase mood (e.g. jobs focussed on keeping hearthlings happy)

Really really keen to play Alpha 20!


Yeah, I want those types of interactions too. We need to do some system work first, but it’s something I’m hoping we can build up to over time.


@Brackhar I know that they added a new update to release 20, but any word on when this will get released on Humble Bundle?

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We’re waiting until a few more bugs get worked out of A20. Hopefully this week, or early next week.


Thank you for the update, @sdee :jubilant:

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