[Alpha 17 release 584] Assertion Failed on loading a game slot while in game

I’ve occurred this twice when trying to load an older save while in-game during a current save.
I don’t know what caused this but I usually encounter it when trying to load an older save because something unfavorable happened in-game(a character died, or just re-trying a settler joining the village).

Mods in use:

  • Anorien biome
  • patrol
  • smart crafter

All mods are up to date. Unless they’re not working with current Alpha 17.

Also just got the same problem when trying to quit to main menu from in-game.

hey there @Aviex,

would be nice if you could remove those mods and then check if it still crashes :slight_smile:

I did, still caused the same problem. Though it seems like after the Ogo interaction it stopped.
The error does mention the horde3dEngine is what’s breaking so i’m not sure what happened with it.

i think that error has something to do with out of date drivers, but i’m not an expert on crashes. paging @Albert

I thought similar thoughts cause it was similar to another post

But the error in that is a RendererBase error and not a Scene error.
Might still be related, but I keep all the drivers updated relatively frequent.

This error looks different than the earlier driver-related one. Can you post a log from the crash? Also paging @not_owen_wilson to take a look.

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