[Alpha 16] Crafting "upgraded" furniture causes forced undeploying

When ordered to craft an upgraded furniture a craftsman undeploys a “previous” tier of furniture instead of picking one from the stockpile.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Craft 2 Mean Beds. Place 1 bed near the carpenter workbench (so it would be closer to the workspace than the stockpile). Leave the other one in the stockpile.
  2. Order to craft 1 Comfy Bed.
  3. Watch as the carpenter undeploys your bed and upgrades it to comfy.

Expected Results:
Carpenter should pick an “ingredient” furniture from the stockpile, ignoring deployed ones. If there are no required ingredients in the stockpile, production should halt.

Actual Results:
The carpenter undeploys the previously deployed bed, ignoring the one in the stockpile.

I was able to successfully reproduce this bug on two different playthroughs, so it’s not something special. I’m not sure what affects the carpenter’s choice but in both cases the deployed bed was closer to the workbench than the stockpile. I suppose the crafter just picks whatever is closer to him.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16 dev 2922, vanilla

i know in the past this was said to be intended behavior… but then just recently (in a DT) it was said that crafters aren’t supposed to know how to remove already placed items for crafting, so i thought the “feature” had been removed…

paging @sdee is this behavior intended or not? (personally i would prefer it not to happen)

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I was incredibly excited when I noticed this happening. It’s one less step to the upgrade. I assumed it was a new ‘feature’ as opposed to a bug. But I can certainly see why some people wouldn’t want it to happen. Maybe there could be settings option? Or a third button when you click the bed: Move, remove, upgrade.


Personally I would like to see it as a toggle-able option, not a forced feature. While it may be useful for some, it makes the player track if the furniture he previously deployed is still in place. When he undeploys it himself, he at least knows about it as well as the place he did it.
It looks strange when you deploy 5 beds, then start working on an order from a passing merchant only to find out later there are only three left.
It’s also strange when you intentionally create a poor-styled farm with a simple bed only to realize later you suddenly have only upgraded beds.

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I would love if there was an upgrade option on beds… i know its not related but i would love if i could just click on a existing bed and have a button that would upgrade it to a comfy ect bed and they would undeploy and redeploy the new bed in the same spot.