Alpha 13 Game opens to a white screen

I open up my game and goes to a white screen, i can hear the music and i can see that my mouse is able to click on stuff, when i deselect the game for example when i click outside the game on my second monitor the game becomes visible and i can see everything and all the buttons, but when i select the game back it switches to a white screen again.

Hey there @Tuxedoninja, welcome to the Discourse! (And awesome username, by the way.)

Sorry to hear about your difficulties playing Stonehearth. Have you seen this thread and attempted the common fixes?

If yes (or if it still fails to work), please upload your stonehearth.log file here and we will do our best to assist you further!


Thank you so much sir, i probably should have guessed it was a driver issue, other fixes i found were about the resolutions settings and such, but it’s all good and working now, thanks again for the assistance! :grinning:


My pleasure, glad it is working! Have fun :smile: