Alpha 10 Unstable Branc Memory Leak

I’m going to second @devoderek as I too run x64 and don’t have this issue.

That’s because it was patched. This thread was about the memory leak in the original pre-release alpha 10. Pay attention to developer updates.


i have discover 1 major factor in my own memory leak. mining multi level incorrectly. one there are squares set to be mined that cannot be reached if the game is saved and then loaded the game slows down to a halt over ten minutes or so.

Here is a saved game that has a confirmed memory leak

Same applies here, for the current alpha-10-5_10.
It used up to 15 GB of my system memory, until it hung itself up, not responding anymore.

[See this Image][1]

i’m not certain, but this may have been fixed in A 11 (which is currently in “unstable” builds)

i’m uncertain which member of TR should be paged about this, so i’ll just page @SteveAdamo instead :wink:

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I am also getting this memory leak. I use steam and every so often especially when building but not always the game will spike to 15,000,000k + and I am still not sure on the cause. when it happens when not building its just something random that happens but usually when building, mining, or when a message pops up. I can try and screen shot the memory leak if you would like. The problem is the memory leak spikes very rapidly so if i don’t kill the program quickly it can lock me up with in a minute of the leak starting.

Almost forgot. When this happens and I am building its when I am placing a wall or placing a building or selecting a building to be placed.

If there is a 32 bit version and a way to install it with steam instead of the 64 bit version i am playing on steam that would be good. I am using a windows 7 machine.

The game ships with both, you only have to change a setting in the game settings. They are on the right top corner of the main menu, in the System tab. There’s a checkbox to force to play with the 32bit version (you might have to restart Stonehearth, though).