Al Moore (Rayya Empire)

Finally i found some time to try the new Alpha. Amazing!

The game works very good and the Bugs seems to be fixed. Most of all ^^

The city is still in construction but i can share some Screenshots with you. What you think?


I love the decorative edges/ramparts along your rooftops, and the way you’ve let the shapes of buildings, shade structures (e.g. the wooden pergolas) and trees run together. It reminds me of Moroccan or Egyptian architecture – lots of detail with hidden surprises around every corner!

The rooftop living spaces look really comfortable, and I’m sure that your hearthlings would enjoy sitting up there with a cool evening breeze :jubilant:

Ahh thx YetiChow. Was my first try to create something with oriental style. Next building will be the royal Palace. :wink:

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