After 30+ hours on Alpha 16 here are my thoughts

First I tried hard mode quite a few times trying everything I can short of living behind a wall for ever or inside a mountain I could never survive past day 20. I couldn’t both commit people to building net worth and defend myself from the number of encounters. by day 20 the red kiln show up and make quick work of my well equipped footmen and cleric. the red kiln movement speed in hard mode is ridicules as well. Honestly every mob was too well equipped. I loaded a number of encounters with various troops and equipment and couldn’t survive anything short of having over whelming numbers in my favor.

Summery hard mode encounters are too hard and forces you to live like cave men to survive.

After many losses on hard mode I went back to normal and played for 20+ hours and I really liked it. it’s definitely getting better but again the number of encounters is crazy. early on it was a nice pace something would show up every few days then about day 15 here came some fun large encounters I really enjoy the Tree ent’s and Stone golem attacks where there is a bunch of small ones and a big one or two supporting them and their stats aren’t too high to handle on normal. I has a few oh God moments when 10 small and 3 large tree ents payed me a visit. by about the time I got to 20 hearthlings on day 23 or so the encounters wouldn’t end goblins, golem the and red kiln would show up all day every day and I was forced to wall myself in which I really don’t like doing because once your forced to fortify expanding becomes a pain. so again to many encounters. I’d like for it to feel more natural like the goblins campaign is. with the goblins they show in in small but increasing numbers and the a goblin chieftain shows up with demands. I’d like other things to feel kind of the same. I’d like for the black cord to start showing up in waves of zombies and skeletons tell eventually you start hearing word of other villages being wiped out by them and then finely experience the necromances first hand rising the long dead to fight you. or with the red kiln they just kinda show up and try to kill you and there is no story to it I feel like they have more honor then that. I’d like if they would show up and challenge you and kind of gave you a short reasoning for it. After the first defeat have like a scout that first issued the challenge surrender and give you the option for him to leave and come back in greater number or kill him and have a longer period that you don’t get attacked but when they do come back oh man you better be ready to pay for your dishonor on the battle field.

Just a few more things umm net worth and vaule of items a lot of items that are produced no longer reflect the time you put into them. if an item I craft doesn’t fallow the formula, resource value + time to craft = worth then I feel cheated and will no longer craft that Item as of now about 75% of items are only worth the resource starting value. the items I feel most cheated on is everything the blacksmith makes ingots are worth like 1g more then then the materials used to craft and same goes for the armor you then make later with the ingots there is no reward for time spent.

Buildings… so I build a lot of highly customized roofs and in order to accomplish this I use slabs. I’ve been having a huge issue with scaffolding in this case they build way to much of it and it takes to much time. I can see they use different rules for building with slabs and its fine when its something made with all slabs but with you use it for example making steps or wall or roofs in a building the scaffolding gets insane the buildings are more scaffolding then building I would really like it if they would only build scaffolding as a way to create a path in order to get where they need to. like for example the second floor is larger then the first or for the over hang for the roof regardless I think it can be used on only the outside of the building and in moderation if at all possible.

lastly really quick before I bolt to work uh the towns inventory I like how you put undeployed if you hover over items in the inventory but takes a lot of time if I want to just pop a quick look to see what I need to build or craft. I would really like for it to be sorted into two different menus like deployed and un-deployed so I can quickly see what I need to craft in order to meet demands, trades or things I need like armor.

That’s all for now I think sorry is I sound like I’m complaining trying not to come off that way just wanted to make quick note of my experience so far with the build as I try to do with each new Alpha.

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Well, for those buildings that you’ve been having issues with, Alpha 17 is focused on building improvements. You can submit the building templates that give you trouble here, and the team will take a look.

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Press p. It opens up a placeables menu that offers items for you to put down.