Adding curtains, tapestries breaking buildings. workaround (kinda) found

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Previously I noticed that you couldn’t add tapestries inside a templated shared dwelling building without breaking it. I have found something… That is, if you move the beds from their templated locations to 3 voxels away from the wall, you can place the tapestries no problem. See below.

These beds have been moved from their original locations.

These beds have not been moved. notice the tapestry in the building to the right… no red border. A tapestry in this building, with beds that have not been moved, causes a red border.

The same thing happens with curtains. you can place a curtain in the front window without breaking the building…

But any other window and you will get the red border.

I’m using A9, latest build.

Steps to recreate:

  1. build a templated shared dwelling.

  2. move the beds from their original location after the structure is built.

  3. place a tapestry on the wall behind the beds.

  4. profit!

remember, if you don’t move the beds, you will break the building. the same goes for curtains. the front window is fine, but if you add any more… red border. (at least in my game. I was able to add another set, nearest the front window, but any more, closer to the beds caused breakage.)

MoK ^-^

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Same thing seems to occur if you hang a tapestry over a table against a wall

small discovery made today! If you place a rug or fur on the GROUND it will auto-deploy, however, if you place it on a FLOOR, it will stay!

So, if you want fur rugs around your firepit, build a floor first…

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