Adding a custom jobs [Alpha 16]


I am presently creating a mod which contain a new jobs. Looking through the forum I didn’t see any tutorial up-to-date. The few I find don’t look to work with the last version of the game (such as Jelly or the tutorial by Voxel Pirate).

The lastest instruction I find, seen to say that in need to add a line in the index.json of the stonehearth folder. To do such, I have an index.json file which contain those lines :

  "jobs": {
  "jewelry_mining_mod:jobs:jewelcrafter": {
     "description": "jewelry_mining_mod:jobs:jewelcrafter"

And my manifest.json containing those:

   "mixintos" : {
  "stonehearth/jobs/index.json" : "file(jobs/index.json)"

I don’t see the jobs appear in the profession_tree, so something is missing…

Any help is welcome. If you need the code, I can gladly add it.


Jelly wasn’t maintained for quite some alphas, as there hasn’t been a real need for it anymore.

Basic debugging time! Did you try validate your mod’s JSON with, for example, Jofferson?

A few things that come to my mind:

  • Use the alias instead of the file name: "stonehearth:jobs:index" instead of "stonehearth/jobs/index.json". Aliases should be used wherever possible; and you might need a / in front of it to define an absolute path… although I’m not a hundred percent certain on that anymore.
  • Make sure your mod defines the alias jobs:jewelcrafter and that it points to a valid resource. You can use Jofferson to validate it and have a look at the complete/mixinto’d file.
  • It can’t hurt to use Jofferson to check your mod for missing/misspelt names. It should list broken resources/links red, and give you a list of errors it found.

If that doesn’t help, upload your .smod and we can take a look.